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Accessories / HydroCart Watering Cart & Gun Package

HydroCart Watering Cart & Gun Package

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    Package Deal - Watering Gun and Cart.

    The watering gun delivers a precise flow rate with automatic shutoff. No battery room should be without this essential maintenance tool.  Developed as an inexpensive and safe alternative to manual battery watering.

    Our watering guns are popular for their reliable automatic shutoff and their ability to water batteries quickly while improving filling accuracy and operator safety.  This is a much better system than using a funnel and bottle of water.

    Their non-electric automatic shut off allows for low-cost watering with a quick return on investment.  We highly recommend using the watering cart with the gun.  See "Related Products" for more information on AC and battery-powered watering carts.  

    The Battery Watering Cart is  the ideal complement to our Battery Watering Gun.   The automatic shutoff feature of the watering system depends on using the cart and gun together.  

    This 10 gallon Watering Cart combines transportability with value.  The compact size of the watering cart is suited for stationary batteries in a small room.   For larger batteries, consider using the 20 gallon watering cart.  See "Related Products" for more information. 

    This watering cart is supplied with 13 feet (3.9 Meters) of power cord and 10 feet (3.0 Meters) of industrial hose. The submersible pump mounted inside the tank delivers all the pressure and volume required by the Watering Gun.


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