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Accessories / HydroPure Deionizer System for Nickel Iron Batteries

 HydroPure Deionizer System for Nickel Iron Batteries

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    HydroPure Deionizer System for NiFe Batteries

    Designed for use with Iron Edison's Industrial Series Nickel Iron batteries

    Make your own pure water directly from your tap water. The Philadelphia Scientific Deionizer reduces the high price of buying bottled water and is more convenient as well. Each disposable cartridge purifies about 400 gallons of water and the purity light will tell you exactly when the cartridge is used up. Why let impurities in your water reduce the life of your battery, when this system is so easy to use and so cost effective? The Deionizer is pressurized to use directly with Philadelphia Scientific Battery Watering Guns.

    Impurities reduce the life of a battery

    Battery water should be free from metallic impurities because they can affect cell voltages and self discharge. Also to be limited are calcium and magnesium compounds found in hard water because these may cause mossing and dendrite growth through the separators. Note that these impurities are dissolved in the water and cannot be removed by conventional filters.

    The old way to avoid impurities was to use distilled water, made by boiling water and condensing the steam. Distilling is energy intensive and costly.

    Testing tap water chemically is too complicated. A more practical measure for water purity is resistivity. The electrical resistance of water is very sensitive to the amount of dissolved solids it contains. Resistivity can be tested instantaneously with a low-cost meter.

    Features & Benefits

    Professional quality deionizers: Not just a filter, which only removes particles, but a real ion-exchange medium which electrostatically removes dissolved impurities. Purity is comparable with distilled water and ideal for batteries.

    Large capacity: The cartridge is over 2 feet long and rated for 400 gallons of pure water which meets specifications for Iron Edison's Industrial Series Nickel Iron batteries. Actual output varies with tap water quality.

    Purity light: This "magic eye" monitors the conductivity of the output water continuously and signals when it is time to change the cartridge. The purity light will signal that the cartridge needs to be changed at the 6 ppm TDS level, in line with manufacturer specifications for Iron Edison's Industrial Series Nickel Iron line of batteries. 

    Pressurized system: Unlike some lab type systems, the Philadelphia Scientific Deionizer operates at full line pressure. This makes it possible to dispense pressurized, pure water directly from the deionizer.

    Ready to use: The system comes with a mounting plate, one cartridge, Purity Light, hose hanger, quick connects, input and output hoses. With the optional Watering Gun, you can fill a battery directly from the Deionizer.

    Easy installation: Setting up wall mounted system takes 3 simple steps. Attach the mounting plate to wall with 2 bolts. Connect input hose to any tap with standard hose fittings. Connect Purity Light to the output assembly.

    Easy cartridge replacement: Snapping in a new cartridge takes seconds and needs no tools. The exhausted cartridge is non toxic and can be disposed of without difficulty.

    How does it work?

    Inside the Deionizer, tap water is passed through a cartridge containing beds of cationic and anionic resins which electrostatically remove impurities. The result is very pure water. When the cartridge becomes exhausted it is simply replaced with a fresh one.

    The actual life of a cartridge will vary depending on the quality of your water. Ask an Iron Edison system designer for a complementary water analysis, completed by Philadelphia Scientific, which will produce a report on what your cost per gallon of water would be using the Deionizer system. It's likely less than the price of store-bought distilled water. 


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