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The Iron Edison Battery Company was founded to serve the energy storage needs of customers who care about their environmental impact. The founders of Iron Edison, Maggie and Brandon Williams, believe that all the little steps you make to reduce your impact can really add up.

“We saw that millions of batteries were being scrapped every year, and set about researching how to take steps towards solving this problem. What we found was the Nickel-Iron battery.”

Because of their high reliability, long service life, lower cost and pollution-free operation, Nickel-Iron (Ni-Fe) batteries are gradually replacing lead-acid batteries in a wide range of applications, especially for solar PV and renewable energy power systems.

Iron Edison Nickel-Iron batteries are designed for solar PV and renewable energy applications under critical and harsh circumstances. The Iron Edison battery can withstand deep discharge, wide temperature variations, mechanical and electrical abuses and still show excellent and reliable performance over a long period.

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Thomas Edison with a prototype Bailey Electric car, utilizing Nickel-Iron batteries, designed for a 1000 mile endurance race.

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