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Inverters / SMA Sunny Boy US Series Solar Inverters

 SMA Sunny Boy US Series Solar Inverters

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    SMA Sunny Boy US Series Solar Inverters

    SMA has updated their residential inverter line with their all new Sunny Boy transformerless single-phase residential inverters. These new inverters now have up to three separate MPPT channels, allowing even more stringing choices. These inverters also now have an integrated DC disconnect, that simplifies and speeds installation.SMA’s unique Secure Power Supply feature has been improved, and now can supply up to 2,000 W (15 A / 120 VAC) of power to a protected outlet during a grid outage, for recharging portable devices or a small UPS directly from the PV array.

    Connection to the SMA’s Sunny Portal for solar array monitoring has also have been simplified. These inverters now ship with an included datalogger, allowing both WiFi and Ethernet wired connection options for monitoring the solar array.

    These SMA inverters are listed to UL 1741, UL 1998, UL 1699B, and are compliant with IEEE-1547, and FCC Part 15 (Class A & B), as well as both ground and arc fault detection per NEC 2011. They are covered by a standard 10-year warranty, with 5 and 10-year extensions available.


    • CEC Rated Efficiencies of 96.5%
    • 2,000 W Secure Power Supply (requires dedicated outlet)
    • Operating temperatures of -40 °F to +140 °F
    • Up to three MPPT input circuits –10 A max usable current (18 A max Isc) per MPPT input
    • Integrated AFCI for arc-fault protection
    • Available in sizes from 3 kW to 7.7 kW
    • Field selectable 240 VAC Single-Phase or 208 VAC three-phase output
    • 10-year warranty, extendable up to 20 years
    • Listed to UL 1741 and UL1699B for U.S.A. and Canada
    • Compliant with: IEEE 1547, IEEE 929, FCC Part 15 A& B , CSA C22.2 107.1-1

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