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Battery & PV Racking / Spill Containment Kit with Pillows for Nickel Iron Battery

 Spill Containment Kit with Pillows for Nickel Iron Battery

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    Spill Containment pan and absorbent pillows for NiFe and Lead Acid battery

    Designed around Fire and Building Code Requirements, Iron Edison Spill Containment Systems utilize the latest technology for creating a liquid tight seal and neutralization of the alkaline electrolyte in a Nickel Iron battery. Also available for lead acid batteries.  

    This 1/4” polypropylene pan provides a code compliant solution where special floor considerations are required. It can be installed on raised computer room floors, placed across I-beams or placed on tile or concrete floors. These pans can also be installed in cabinets to provide an acid/alkaline resistant secondary containment barrier. Polypropylene is extremely tough and acid resistant. Many battery manufacturers use polypropylene as a battery jar material because of its toughness and acid resistance.  This material will withstand battery room conditions and can support up to 150,000 lbs per square inch without degradation of the material. The walls of the polypropylene pan are welded together to ensure a liquid tight seal as required by various codes.

    Alkaline absorbing and neutralizing pillows and socks can be supplied with the polypropylene pan to create a code compliant system. This polypan spill containment systems eliminates the need for additional sealants, hardware, tools, and floor cleaning or preparation.

    Product Specifications: NFPA Chapter 35 UFC Article 64
    1/4” Polypropylene
    Welded Corners, Liquid Tight
    4” Side Walls
    12” X 12” Acid Absorbing & Neutralizing Pillows (L.A./NiCD)
    4” x 24” Socks for Lead Acid or NiFe battery installations

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