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Inverters / Sol-Ark Inverter for Solar and Battery

Sol-Ark Inverter for Solar and Battery

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    Sol-Ark 12k Inverter

    This inverter has pure sine wave output.  8kW continuous AC output when working off-grid, and 9.6 kW continuous on-grid output.

    The inverter is equipped with a color touch display, quiet variable speed fans, one 2240 V 50 amp circuit breaker's, battery temp sensor, auto generator start, Solar PV rapid shut down control, exernal current sensors, battery communication, Wi-Fi and cloud-based monitoring, four PV input, and a DC disconnect for the 48 volt battery.

    The Sol-Ark inverter features and extremely high efficiency due to the transformerless construction of this inverter.

    The Sol-Ark inverter features in and P/solar flare/lightning resistance to double military required levels.  MIL-STD-461G

    4 millisecond instant battery back up

    Expandable solar array from 1.5 kW to 11 kW

    Batteries are optional with this inverter.

    Grid tie mode– sell your power to the grid

    Grid zero mode- consume solar and battery, then use the grid as a back up

    Time of use mode- use the battery to avoid paying more during peak hours

    120/240 V AC output.  Three phase 208 output also available.

    The Sol-Ark inverter is capable of AC Coupled Solar with battery back up

    Optional wireless monitoring and remote software updates

    10 year warranty


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