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Inverters / SMA Sunny Tripower 3-Phase Solar Inverter

 SMA Sunny Tripower 3-Phase Solar Inverter

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    SMA Sunny Tripower 3-Phase Solar Inverter

    SMA offers five three-phase commercial inverter options, ranging from 12 kW to 30 kW. All inverters connect to 480 VAC three-phase utility service. The detachable CU1000-US-10 DC connection unit has fusing for both MPPT inputs, and allows for easy swap out of the inverter for servicing. Tripower inverters all feature integrated DC AFCI.

    MPPT Circuits and a wide MPPT operating voltage range, combined with a low startup voltage, allows for very high efficiencies. They can be configured for either 600 DC or 1,000 VDC installations. The Tripower inverters can be mounted on the roof, next to the array. This allows compliance with NEC 2014 rapid shutdown requirements without additional components. The optional SMA ReadyRack™ allows for simplified installation of the inverter, combiner, disconnects and cabling on flat commercial rooftops. The ReadyRack must be ordered at the same time as the Tripower inverter and CU1000 combiner/ disconnect, and these ship fully assembled directly to the job site.

    Monitoring through the free SMA Sunny Portal can be easily configured, as these inverters come preinstalled with the SMA Speedwire Card. Up to four inverters can be daisy chained together and viewed as a plant. For larger installations, the optional SMA Cluster Controller can be added for plant-level monitoring of up to 75 SMA inverters, and communication to third-party devices through Modbus protocol. The cluster controller enables multiple inverters to be viewed and reported on at the plant level, and enables remote operation of reactive power adjustments as well as remote shutdown of the PV Plant, if required.

    NOTE: The Cluster controller requires a 24 VDC power supply, which is not included.


    • Three-phase 480 VAC output
    • Five models: 12 kW, 15 kW, 20 kW, 24 kW , and 30 kW
    • 600 VDC or 1,000 VDC input configuration
    • Dual MPPT DC inputs
    • DC reverse polarity indicator
    • Internal Arc-Fault Detection (AFCI) and Ground Fault Detection (GFCI) per NEC 2011
    • Integrated SMA Speedwire Card for access to Sunny Portal monitor platform
    • Optional SMA Cluster Controller for plant-level monitoring of multiple Tripower inverters
    • Operating temperatures of -13 °F to +140 °F (-25 °C to +60 °C)
    • Listed to UL 1741, UL1998, UL 1699B
    • Compliant with: IEEE 1547-2003, IEEE 1547.1, FCC Part 15 A&B, CAN/CSA C22. 2 No. 107.1-01

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