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Inverters / SMA Power+ MLPE Optimizer System

SMA Power+ MLPE Optimizer System

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    SMA Power+ MLPE Optimizer System

    The SMA Power+ Solution offers a flexible MLPE (module level power electronics) system to meet all Rapid Shutdown and optimization needs. This would meet all current and future NEC rapid shutdown requirements. The Power+ TS4-R modular platform is a unique plug-and-play concept that enables customized functionality for any PV application. 
    Rapid Shutdown and panel level monitoring can be achieved using TS4-R-S MLPEs. Should panel level optimization be required for shade mitigation, selected panels can utilize the TS4-R-O MLPE optimizers. Alternatively, all panels can be deployed with the the TS4-R-O optimizers to harvest additional energy and simplify the design process.
    When used in this manner, all panels are required to have either a TS4-R-S or TS4-R-O MPLE device and will communicate to the inverter through a TS4 Gateway device installed at the array. The Gateway device(s) are connected through a RS485 wired connection to the Cloud Connect Advanced module, installed in the inverter, and provides a wireless connection to the Sunny Portal. One ROOFCOMMKIT-P2 includes one Gateway Device, one Cloud Connect module, one power supply, and accessories for a single inverter and PV array. Additional TS4 GATEWAY devices can be purchased for larger or more complicated arrays.
    Alternatively, TS4-R-O MLPE optimizers can also be used with the SMA Rapid Shutdown Box, to provide shade mitigation to a PV Array for selected panels. Installations in this manner would require the SMA Rapid Shutdown Box and SMA Rapid Shutdown Controller, but do not utilize the TS4 Gateway or Cloud Connect kit. While these installations do allow the Secure Power Supply of the SMA inverter to be utilized, they do not provide module level monitoring. This is known as ‘selective deployment’.


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