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MidNite Solar SMA Sunny Boy E-Panel

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    E-Panel for SMA Sunny Island inverter

    The master includes the input/output bypass system along with separate AC input and output breakers. This E-Panel can be used in conjunction with a Sunny Island inverter as part of an AC Coupled system. Comes with a 250 battery disconnect breaker and inverter cables. Pre-wired with AC input and output wiring. 

    RS485 boards are required when AC Coupling to SunnyBoy inverters if 3 stage charging is desired. One RS485 board goes into the Sunny Island inverter and each SunnyBoy Inverter. AC Coupling to the SunnyBoy grid-tie inverter is possible without RS485 boards. The Sunny Island grid-tie inverter will frequency shift based on battery voltage to knock the grid-tie inverter off line. SunnyBoy inverters can switch between off-grid and grid-tie mode automatically when RS485 boards are used. To program this feature you must use either a SMA service cable (USBPBS) or SMA web box (SUNNYWEBBOXU).

    The MNSMARB is included to disconnect the MNX-240 Autoformer during normal operation. No idle power is consumed by the Autoformer in normal operation. The backed up critical loads panel always has 120/240 available. 60A is available on leg 1 & and 30A on leg 2 in the critical loads panel. Comes standard with one MNSPD-300.

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