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Array Tech DuraTrack Tracker

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    Produce up to 33% more energy with a single axis tracker, or up to 40% more energy with a dual axis tracker! 

    A universal mounting system that accommodates almost any type of module and a pre-mounted, programmed tracker controller add up to one quick installation. The DuraTrack System is a compact system that requires no roof penetrations. Only commonly available materials are required for its foundation and single pole.

    The DuraTrack System is built to last with powder-coated steel and anodized aluminum components. A robust gear-driven design makes it stable in the wind. The tracker is meant to be pole mounted, giving you the flexibility to position it lower to the ground to reduce wind loading even further. After more than two decades of use, DuraTrack System trackers have been proven to stand up to high winds and harsh environments while providing maximum efficiency.

    Just lubricate the drive once a year and clean off your modules as needed to continue harvesting maximum solar power from your system far into the future.


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