OutBack FXR Series Hybrid Inverter/Charger
OutBack FXR Series Hybrid Inverter/Charger Outback_Inverter_FXR_PIC1_Iron_Edison.jpg Outback_Inverter_FXR_PIC4_Iron_Edison.jpg

OutBack FXR Series Hybrid Inverter/Charger


The OutBack Power FXR series inverters are a more advanced version of the venerable FX series. These new inverters are a good choice for off-grid or, with the 24 VDC and 48 VDC inverters, can be used in a grid-tied system. They have expanded voltage ranges for use with advanced-technology batteries, and have the advanced OutBack features including Grid Zero and Offset modes.



These inverters offer more power in high ambient-temperature applications, and more throughput for generator-powered battery charging. The sealed, externally fan-cooled FXR is designed to be used in coastal or dusty environments.

Each inverter/charger is a multi-mode power conversion unit that includes an inverter, battery charger, and an AC transfer switch. The 50 Hz export inverters can be stacked up to ten in parallel (230 VAC), and up to nine inverters in a three-phase configuration (230/400 VAC WYE). When stacking, all of the inverters must be the same model. The X-240 and similar transformers are not used with the FXR inverters. Due to the added control features, FXR series inverters should be deployed with the MATE3s controller (or AXS Port) and the Hub10.3. These inverters, with the MATE3s or AXS port, are compatible with OpticsRE.

VFXR inverters have a programmable, auxiliary relay output connection (AUX) that provides 12 VDC output to run cooling or ventilation fans or to operate an external relay for other functions, such as remote generator starting (two-wire). Sealed FXR inverters use this relay to power the external cooling fan, so it is not available for other uses.

The internal transfer switch is rated for 30 A. When an external source of AC power (either a generator or the utility grid) is detected at the “AC in” terminal on the inverter, the switch operates to transfer the loads to the external power source, and then activates the battery charger to recharge the battery bank depending on what mode is programmed. An RTS remote temperature sensor and other accessories are listed on the following pages.

Use the FlexWare 250, 500, or 1000 components with these inverters.


* Grid-Tied: Inverter sells excess renewable energy to the utility to reduce energy bills AND provide battery backup. (24 & 48 volt models only)

* GridZero: Utilizes battery & renewable energy to minimize grid usage without selling back to the grid. Ideal way to utilize renewable energy and the grid in locations where Net Metering is not available.

* Backup & UPS: Automatically switches to battery power during a grid outage to keep critical loads running.

* Support: Adds battery power to augment a limited output AC source (generator or grid)

* Mini Grid: Only uses grid power when batteries are low.

* Generator: Utilize a generator for battery charging and AC loads in an off-grid application with no renewable energy sources.


FXR Series Inverters have a sealed chassis for outdoor applications in harsh conditions.

VFXR Series Inverters have a vented chassis to provide higher power output.

Additional information

Weight 67 lbs

FXR-2012A, FXR-2524A, FXR-3048A, VFXR-2812A, VFXR-3524A, VFXR-3648A, FXR-2524A-01, FXR-3048A-01, VFXR-3524A-01, VFXR-3648A-01

Manuals / Spec Sheets

Outback Inverter FXR Owner’s Manual

Outback Inverter FXR Installation Manual

Outback Inverter FXR Spec Sheet