Kohler OnCue Monitoring
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Kohler OnCue Monitoring


Monitors your Kohler generator set, transfer switch, Load Control Module (LCM), Programmable Interface Module (PIM)from any location in the world with Internet access.



  • Power Chain View monitors your Kohler generator set, RXT automatic transfer switch*, Load Control Module (LCM)*, and Programmable Interface Module (PIM) from any location in the world with Internet access.
  • Control home automation when generator set is paired with a Programmable Interface Module (PIM). Remotely turn on or off appliances, outdoor lighting, storm shutters, etc.
  • RDC2/DC2 and VSC controllers have built-in Ethernet capability.
  • Receive generator set start/stop and fault messages by email or SMS text message. Kohler OnCue server sends email and text messages anytime, without requiring your computer to be turned on.
  • Install OnCue software on one or more personal computers. Monitor multiple generator sets. Navigation panel displays status information for multiple generator systems and allows easy selection of one generator set for detailed monitoring and control.
  • Start exercises from your computer. Stop the generator set exercise and clear faults from your computer.
  • View time- and date-stamped event history listing generator set starting and stopping, faults, and notifications.
  • Simple connection and setup — just enter generator set serial number, controller password, and activation code (if required). No router setup is required.
  • Controller password and generator set serial number protect against access by unauthorized users.
  • All Ethernet communication is fully authenticated and encrypted for privacy

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Weight 2 lbs