Outback Power FLEXware ICS Plus Combiner

Outback Power FLEXware ICS Plus Combiner


The FLEXware ICS Plus system will offer a complete UL-listed solution to meet the NEC requirements for arc fault protection (AFCI), rapid shutdown, and combiner DC disconnect. Used with OutBack power conversion and energy storage equipment, it represents the only end-to-end single manufacturer UL-1741 and UL-1699B solution on the market for battery-based systems.



The FWPV6-FH600-SDA combiner has 6 string capacity, and includes UL-1699B listed AFCI, manual disconnect (lockable in the off position), and rapid shutdown capability. Outdoor rated NEMA 3R that can be mounted vertical to horizontal with external mounting feet. Rated for 15A or 20A fuses and combined capacity of 96A and 600VDC. Includes six 600 VDC DIN mounted fuse holders (fuses not included see page 180). The FWPV6-FH600-SD combiner is the same but does not include the AFCI.

The RSI is the rapid shutdown initiation device. This is installed in an accessible location where the first responders on site can use it to shut down the solar system. The RSI also will indicate a rapid shutdown or arc fault shutdown with LED status. The system is manually shutdown, or reset, by turning the disconnect handle. The auxiliary contacts in the RSI can also be used to signal the inverter in the system to shutdown using the inverters remote on/off switch.


The BKR-CTRL-DC is the power supply and control for the relay-trip breakers PNL-75-DC-RT, PNL-75D-DC-RT, or PNL-75Q-DC-RT installed in the power center to disconnect the charge control end of the PV circuit on rapid shutdown. The BKR-CTRL-DC can be installed in a panel breaker space or surface mounted and can power up to 2 relay-trip breakers and six ICSPlus combiner boxes. The relay-trip breakers install in place of the array breakers in the power center and act to disconnect the PV output circuits from the potential back feed from the charge controls. They are available with one, two, or four poles for the same number of combiners and charge controls. Each breaker takes up the number of spaces that there are poles plus one more. 

The RSD-AFCI is a kit for adding string level rapid shutdown and arc fault protection to be used with one FM100 charge control. For each additional FM100 control, add one more FWPV6-FH600-SDA combiner. 

The SkyBox RSD-1 is a kit for adding string level rapid shutdown to be used with one SkyBox inverter. For each additional SkyBox inverter, add one more FWPV3-FH600-S2D combiner.  

To meet NEC 2017 rapid shutdown add a module level rapid shutdown system to these ICS+ systems.


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