Battery Watering Gun (GUN-X) for Nickel Iron Batteries
Battery Watering Gun (GUN-X) for Nickel Iron Batteries Iron_Edison_battery_watering_gun-x.jpg

Battery Watering Gun (GUN-X)


This rugged and reliable fast-flow watering gun works with the HydroPure Deionizer, HydroCart or HydroFill watering carts to efficiently maintain your Nickel Iron batteries.



Superior Strength:  Built from rugged, engineered ABS plastic.  Structural weak points have been eliminated by incorporating the pressure regulator into the nozzle.

Integrated Flow Indicator:  This unique feature shows you when filling has stopped!

Auto Shut Off: When cell is full the gun automatically shuts off (requires 15-75 PSI water pressure)  

Product Design Eliminates Post Shut Off Drip

Ergonomically Designed:  The easy-squeeze, rugged handle and 45° nozzle angle make this gun very comfortable to use.

Nozzle diameter:  0.67 inch (17 mm)

Secure Level Control:  The greatly improved level control will not move over time, yet is adjustable or removable and is beveled to conform to vent wells at many angles.

Flow Diffuser: Converts the rapid flow to a gentle spray while protecting the nozzle from damage.


Owner's Manuals

Watering Gun Type X – Spec Sheet

Watering Gun Type X – Installation Manual

Watering Gun Type X – Owner’s Manual