Nickel Iron Battery Watering System
Nickel Iron Battery Watering System Phili_Sci_Spider_PIC00_Iron_Edison SpiderSystemGraphic

Spider Single-Point Watering System for Nickel Iron Batteries


The Spider Single Point Watering System by Iron Edison Battery has revolutionized the process of watering your Nickel Iron Battery Bank!

Perfectly fill up to 20 batteries simultaneously in a matter of minutes from a single connection, reducing battery watering time by up to 90%.

Never has watering your battery bank been easier or faster!

Using a redesigned Spider Injector battery vent cap and manifold system, distilled water is distributed to up to 20 batteries at once. As each battery reaches its MAX fill line, a built in valve automatically stops filling that battery. Once all the batteries are full, a flow indicator in the handle indicates the batteries are full.

The Spider Single Point Watering System has very specific water pressure requirements for the Injector battery caps to work properly. We recommend the Philadelphia Scientific HydroCart to ensure perfect and convenient operation.

Want to make your own distilled water instead of buying it? You can also get the HydroPure Deionizer with your Spider Single Point Watering System for a complete Nickel Iron Battery watering solution!