RE-Volt™ Lithium Battery
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RE-Volt Lithium Battery


The RE-Volt is Iron Edison’s 5th generation Lithium Iron Phosphate battery! The RE-Volt Lithium Iron chemistry outperforms a lead acid battery in terms of cycle life, discharge rate, size and weight. The Iron Edison RE-Volt is the perfect solution for new solar projects or upgrading your existing solar system to enjoy the maintenance-free operation of the Lithium battery. Plus it just hangs on the wall, making installation a breeze.



FEATURES: The RE-Volt is a sealed maintenance free battery solution that can provide decades of reliable and worry free energy storage for your off grid or grid interactive energy system. An integrated battery management system prevents damaging overcharging or over discharging.

Up to fifteen batteries can be paralleled, creating a battery solution with 150 kWh of capacity for your most demanding applications. Battery cables between the combiner box and inverter / balance of system are not included.

SAFETY: Iron Edison uses Lithium Iron Phosphate for all our Lithium batteries, the safest chemistry in the Lithium Ion family. Unlike the lithium cobalt oxide battery chemistry found in consumer electronics that are known for thermal runaway and other safety concerns, Lithium Iron Phosphate is known as the safest lithium ion chemistry available. This paired with our integrated fail safe battery management system eliminates the potential for any dangerous failures.

BATTERY LIFE:  Iron Edison RE-Volt offers 20 years of battery life expectancy! This means a levelized cost of ownership (LCOE) of only $0.12 / kWh! Compare that with lead acid’s $0.25 to $0.80 / kWh

WARRANTY: To qualify for the 10 year warranty, please fill out the warranty paperwork HERE.

Owner's Manuals

RE-Volt Owner’s Manual (100a BMS)

RE-Volt Owner’s Manual (150a/200a BMS)

RE-Volt Spec Sheet