RE-Volt Battery Rack RE-Volt Battery Rack

RE-Volt Battery Rack


Alpha Passoni Battery Rack for The Iron Edison RE-Volt battery.



Why use a battery rack?

The RE-Volt Battery normally hangs on a wall, but if you do not have wall space, then you will need a battery rack.  Hang anywhere between 2-12 batteries on a strong sturdy rack that will last.

Custom fit to your project

We can help you design the perfect battery rack for your project. Every project is unique, please give us a call to discuss your size and height requirements.

Alpha Passoni rack features

These racks have been designed for all types of stationary battery models.

Installation is fast and easy.

Designs are flexible, and can fit in many spaces.

The racks can be totally assembled and disassembled by using screws and plates—the main parts are stringers and supports.


Additional information

# of Batteries

2-4, 4-8, 8-12