Circuit Breaker-Panel Mount (Outback Power)

Panel-mount AC/DC Circuit Breakers


Panel Mount 150VDC Breaker for Outback Power Panels and Load Centers



These are single-pole ¾”-wide breakers with ¼” stud connections and require ring terminals on wires connected to them. These breakers can be used for DC protection in OutBack Power FLEXware and Radian GSLC enclosures, and MidNite E-Panels (three spaces), or as AC breakers in the OutBack Power FLEXware 250. The two-pole AC and MidNite 300 VDC breakers are double width and take two spaces. The OutBack 300VDC single pole take one space and the two pole breakers take two spaces each. The AC breakers are for use with the Radian inverter GSLC panels. The 300VDC two pole breakers can be used to meet 2017 code to break both the positive and negative PV legs. OutBack Power breaker models ending in “RT” are remote trip breakers that can be used with the ICS+ system for rapid shutdown.

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Weight 1 lbs

1 A, Single Pole AC/DC, 10 A, Single Pole AC/DC, 15 A, Single Pole AC/DC, 30 A, Single Pole AC/DC, 40 A, Single Pole AC/DC, 50 A, Single Pole AC/DC, 60 A, Single Pole AC/DC, 60 A, Single Pole DC Only, 80 A, Single Pole DC Only, 100 A, Single Pole DC Only, 20 A, Double Pole AC/DC, 30 A, Double Pole AC/DC, 50 A, Double Pole AC/DC


300, 150