Magnum Remote Control and Display Panel
Magnum Remote Control and Display Panel Magnum_Remote_Control_ME-ARC50_Iron_Edison.jpg Magnum_Remote_Control_ME-RC50_Iron_Edison.jpg Magnum_Remote_Control_ME-RTR_Iron_Edison.jpg

Magnum Remote Control and Display Panel


Magnum Energy Remote Control is the inverter display and control unit. Convenient one-knob programming.



The Magnum ARC advanced remote control allows Iron Edison to program the correct setpoints for your inverter / charger.  When the Magnum inverter and battery are operating, the ME-ARC displays voltage and energy consumption on the main page.  The ARC also programs the Auto Gen Start (AGS), the PT-100 MPPT charge controller, the Magnum BMK, and more.  It’s important.

The Magnum Remote Controls are designed to be simple to use while offering multiple functions in one place. The large LCD screen and at-a-glance LEDs display the inverter / charger status in a straightforward way. Soft keys give simple access to menus and a rotary encoder knob makes it easy to quickly scroll through menus and select settings.

* The ME-RC Remote Control is simple to use, and is required to program the Magnum inverter.  Both remotes allow you to track energy usage in and out of the inverter.  The advanced remote allows for very sophisticated control over the generator and inverter system.

* The ME-ARC Advanced Remote Control offers the same simple push button operation of the ME-RC with advanced features and setup menus. The ME-ARC features a Favs button for storing up to five of your favorite setup menus, a Control button for fast easy control of the inverter, charger, and generator, meter button with AC and DC meters, advanced setup menus, and advanced tech menus.

* The ME-ARTR (or “router”) has many of the same features as the ME-ARC50 advanced remote control, with the added functionality required to parallel Magnum MS-PAE or MS-PE inverter chargers. The router is designed to easily and quickly connect multiple inverter/chargers in parallel without the need to program each inverter. One ME-ARTR can accommodate up to four MS-PAE or MS-PE inverter/chargers in parallel and program up to seven PT-100 solar charge controllers at once. The advanced router can also handle two ME-AGS modules, multiple ME-BMK monitors, and one ME-ARC or ME-RC remote.

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Weight 5 lbs