Magnum Auto Generator Start (AGS)
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Magnum Auto Generator Start (AGS)


The Magnum ME-AGS-N Auto Generator Start controller is networked to a Magnum inverter and can automatically start your generator based on battery voltage or inside temperature. Starts most diesel or gas generators.


Looking to add a generator to your off-grid or grid-tied home? The Magnum Auto Gen Start is a fantastic component to make your goal a reality!

The Magnum AGS is compatible with most major generators, including Kohler, Generac, Onan, Powertech, and Weterbeke. Please check for specific model compatibility.

The Magnum Automatic Generator Start (AGS) is designed to automatically start your generator based on battery voltage, the amount of energy being used, or even the temperature of your battery room or living area.

You can set the generator to start based on battery voltage, load, temperature, etc. You can program the run time from one to five hours, and the quiet time with an easy-to-set clock.

Automatic Generator Start settings do not interfere with the manual start/stop operation of the generator. Just use any existing start/stop switch in your system.

The AGS acts as a remote automatic “switch” to control the generator. Your generator must have the remote start / stop function built in.

Use the “Network” version of the AGS with the Magnum inverter and Magnum remote / advanced remote control panel.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in