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Schneider Electric Gateway System Monitor

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    Gateway provides local system configuration and management as well as live system monitoring for the residential and commercial range of solar products.

    Gateway offers wireless connectivity along with more intuitive configuration and system management tools. To give users better insights into your solar system performance, the Conext™ Gateway’s graphing and reporting interfaces are completely updated. The Conext™ Gateway together with Conext™ Insight 2 will bring system monitoring and remote management to the cloud.

    The Conext™ Gateway is compatible with the new Conext™ XW Pro and the rest of the residential and commercial range of solar and storage products.

    Higher return on investment • Monitor solar system performance in real time on your local network • Monitor your system from anywhere using Conext™ Insight 2 • Measure and compare energy performance over varying time frames

    Flexible • Multiple visualizations for trend analysis as well as custom data logging for diagnostics • Built-in wireless access point (WAP) connectivity for easy configuration (wirelessly connect a laptop to your Gateway) • Built-in wireless station mode for connection to a local area network (under development) • Dual Xanbus channels to support larger networks of devices • Modbus support for string inverters and third-party Modbus devices* • Canbus for compatible storage systems (e.g., Li-ion batteries)*

    Easy to service • View or download an events log for faster troubleshooting • Upgrade Conext™ Gateway and other Conext™ devices firmware through Gateway’s web application • Remotely manage system settings and firmware updates from Conext™ Insight 2*

    Easy to install • Configure devices remotely on the web • Surface or DIN-Rail mounting options • Multiple power supply options; AC adapter or Xanbus


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