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 Samlex PST Series Inverter

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    Samlex PST Series Inverter

    Samlex PST sine-wave inverters offer a small, affordable, sine-wave inverter for remote homes, RVs and boats. The 120 VAC output is overload protected. All of these inverters have AC receptacles and low-battery alarms. If you plan to use these inverters with reactive loads, such as motors and compact fluorescent lights or other ballasted light, size the inverter for four times the continuous watts required. Listed to UL 458 (except PST-15S-12A). Each inverter includes a 2-year warranty. 

    The Samlex RC-15A is a remote control panel for the PST-600 and PST-1000 inverters. It has three LED indicators for overload, over-temperature, and power and includes an on/off switch. The Samlex RC-200 is a remote control panel for the PST-1500 and PST-2000 inverters. It has three LED indicators for overload, over-temperature, and power. It has an LCD display showing AC Voltage (V), AC current (A), frequency (Hz), active power (Watts), apparent power (VA) and power factor (PF) in addition to the LED indicators. Both remotes are flush-mount and come with a 15' cable to connect to the inverter. Each unit is covered by a 2-year warranty. 

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