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SunTechDrive PicoCell Pump Controller

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    Off Grid Pump Controller

    The PicoCell represents a dramatic evolution from traditional power electronics. It is entirely driven by adaptive firmware which allows it to be universal. It can support any AC device whether it is single or three phase, 50 or 60 Hz, 120 or 230V. PicoCell simplifies the design and installation of an off-grid pump or other load by combining the functionality of several normally separate components: the inverter, variable frequency drive, MPPT controller, phase initiator/control box, and voltage boost. Additionally, as a result of the firmware design we are able to simulate the voltage and current spikes necessary to start up the load without over configuring the array like you would need to do with traditional power electronics. This results in the PicoCell typically requiring up to 50% less solar panel power, representing up to 40% cost savings in the total installation.

    - Retrofit any standard AC pump into a high flow solar pump - no electric charges

    - Control any AC pump up to 2HP – 120/230 Vac, 50/60Hz, 1-phase/3-phase

    - Self-contained MPPT controller, VFD, inverter, phase initiator, voltage boost

    - Reduces solar panel requirement up to 50% compared to typical AC VFD's

    - Intelligent firmware that can adapt to any application


    Pre-Configured PicoPanel Assemblies

    SunTech Drive PicoPanels offer pre-assembled and pre-configured power mounting panels with a 2HP PicoCell Controller, your chosen SolProtect Disconnect enclosure and optional Power Blending Controller.

    SolProtect Disconnect Enclosure Options include:

    - SolProtect DC Disconnect as a standard enclosure for off grid systems.

    - SolProtect AC/DC Disconnect enclosures for use with grid-tied or inverter-tied systems, typically with a Power Blending system.

    - Ground Fault Detection (GFD) and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) options offer required safety for use in pond or in-water applications – available in either DC or AC/DC options. GFD and GFCI will keep children and pets safe around your solar powered pond fountain or aerator.

    - SunTech Drive's Power Blending Controller allows the PicoCell to intelligently blend power between the solar array and the power grid. This allows for pumps and other electric loads to run at full capacity regardless of solar irradiance. On a cloudy afternoon, the PicoCell will draw as much power as is available from the PV panels and the balance from the power grid. As evening comes, power automatically transitions completely to the grid providing a 24/7 power source with the lowest energy cost possible.

    - PicoPanels simplify installation, requiring only clamping the panel to your post, and connecting the PV and load wires.

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