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Inverters / OutBack Inverter: Off-Grid VFX Series

 OutBack Inverter: Off-Grid VFX Series

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    The higher powered Outback ventilated VFX inverter is a great choice in high ambient temperature applications or where generator-powered battery charging is an important part of system battery charging.

    Power Conversion System

    Each inverter/charger is a complete power conversion system – DC to AC inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch.  Additional inverter/chargers can be added at any time either in parallel (120VAC), series (120/240VAC), or even three-phase (120Y208 VAC) configurations, allowing the system to be tailored to the specific needs of the application, both at the time of installation and into the future.

    Multiple Systems

    With the addition of an X-240 autotransformer, multiple inverter systems can be set up to provide 120/240 VAC split-phase output with the ability to provide full power on either 120VAC leg of the system. Up to 10 inverters can be connected together to provide up to 36 kW of continuous power capacity with the use of the HUB and the MATE controller.

    Programmable Output Connection

    Each OutBack inverter has a programmable, auxiliary relay output connection (AUX) that provides 12VDC output to run 12V cooling or ventilation fans or operate an external relay to perform other functions, such as remote generator starting (two-wire), to disconnect external charging sources (such as PV), or to turn on a diversion load for voltage regulation.

    Note: The AUX relay is used to power the external cooling fan of the FX sealed inverters, so it is not available for other uses.  The transfer switch is rated for 60 amps.


    Dimensions: 16.25" L x 8.25" W x 11.5" H.

    ETL Listed to UL 1741 for the U.S. and Canada.

    Standard 2-year warranty with an available 5-year extended warranty.


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    A brighter future. Off the grid. Iron Edison battery systems can be used for 12, 24 and 48 volt applications. We can also help you optimize battery capacity to take better advantage of the solar, wind and other hardware you may already have in place.

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