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Inverters / Outback Radian Multi-Mode Inverter

 Outback Radian Multi-Mode Inverter

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    Outback Radian Multi-Mode Inverter

    OutBack Power Radian inverters work equally well as a grid-tie or off-grid inverter. There are two separate AC inputs, one for the bi-directional grid connection and and one for an optional backup generator. There is a built-in 50 A transfer switch at 120/240 VAC. The output from this inverter is 120/240 VAC split phase in each unit for easy tie-in to US standard wiring and grid connections.

    The Radian features 4 kW (GS4048A-01) or 8 kW (GS8048A-01) of continuous output power and can support large dynamic load variations and surge loads, making it well suited for demanding commercial applications as well as residential use. With two power stages (one on the GS4048A-01), the modular design is field serviceable. Radian inverters can be parallel stacked with up to ten inverters for 80 kW total output.

    The Radian inverters also have auxiliary controls that include a contact closure, a 12 VDC output signal, and terminals for a remote on/off switch as well as a remote temperature sensor (RTS) for the battery bank. Each GS8048A-01 inverter requires dual 2/0 AWG battery cables (two positive and two negative) for connection to the battery bank. In fully off-grid applications, the minimum recommended battery size is 175 Ah for the GS4048A-01 and 350 Ah for the GS8048A-01 for each inverter installed in a power system (See Batteries).

    The GS4048A-01 and GS8048A-01 inverters are made to work in off-grid, grid-tied, or grid-supported systems using OutBack Power’s “GridZero” mode, optimizing solar production where net metering is not available. The “A” inverters have an adjustable input-voltage range so they can be made to work with most lithium-ion, and other advanced battery technologies. The “A-01” inverters are now listed to the new version of UL1741-SA so that they meet the new grid interactive requirements of the utilities in some locations. Those locations currently include California and Hawaii, and more states may be added over the next several years.

    Each inverter comes with a standard 5-year warranty. The Radian is not rated for outdoor use. Dimensions are 28"H x 16"W x 8.7"D. Weight is 84 lbs for the GS4048A/GS3548E and 125 lbs for the GS8048/ GS8048A/GS7048E. Listed to UL 1741 for U.S.A. and Canada.

    A MATE3s, HUB10.3, and an appropriate GSLC are needed to complete a Radian system.


    * Grid-Tied: Inverter sells excess renewable energy to the utility to reduce energy bills AND provide battery backup. (24 & 48 volt models only)

    * GridZero: Utilizes battery & renewable energy to minimize grid usage without selling back to the grid. Ideal way to utilize renewable energy and the grid in locations where Net Metering is not available.

    * Backup & UPS: Automatically switches to battery power during a grid outage to keep critical loads running.

    * Support: Adds battery power to augment a limited output AC source (generator or grid)

    * Mini Grid: Only uses grid power when batteries are low.

    * Generator: Utilize a generator for battery charging and AC loads in an off-grid application with no renewable energy sources.

    The GS8048A and GS4048A are certified to UL1741 for US applications, and CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 for Canada, and is IEC 62109-1 certified to meet the most stringent worldwide PV safety and emission standards.

    This product is for selected North, Central and Latin American markets.

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