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Outback Flexware Mounting Plate

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    OutBack Power Systems’ FLEXware

    FLEXware is a convenient all-aluminum power system offering simpler, code-compliant installation of OutBack power electronics components.

    Three versions of FLEXware are available: • FLEXware 250 for single FX Series Inverter/Charger installations along with the desired AC and DC disconnects • FLEXware 500, which supports up to two FXs and two MX Charge Controllers, accommodating both split-phase and/or higher power output as needed • FLEXware 1000 accommodates up to four FXs and four MX Charge Controllers

    Please Note: Both the FLEXware 500 and the FLEXware 1000 power systems provide locations for FW-X240 Auto-Transformers, multiple DC shunts and other essential components required in higher kW systems.

    FLEXware Mounting Plate Parts List The following parts are included with every FLEXware Mounting Plate: • one 46.26” X 20.25” aluminum mounting plate • fourteen M6 X 10 mm screws four “hanging” screws to assist with FX Series Inverter/Charger installations eight for securing the AC enclosure and the DC enclosure two extras • ten M6 X 20 mm screws for securing two FX Series Inverter/Chargers to the FW-MP plus two extras • twenty-six M6 star washers, used with the M6 screws for grounding • eight 1/4 X 5/8 flat washers, used with M6 screws attaching the enclosures to the FW-MP • #3 Phillips bit


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