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    Nickel Iron Battery

    NiFe Battery From Iron Edison

    Dependable power is a compelling reason to invest in a solar battery system. You should be able to take power for granted whether you are connected to the grid or not.

    But if your battery system isn’t reliable, life gets complicated.

    Fortunately, your reliable Iron Edison Nickel Iron batteries build an energy bridge over life’s stormy days and cold dark nights. They keep the power on whenever the grid goes down. They can even do rate shifting during the day to lower your electric bill. If you’re not on the grid, your Iron Edison batteries give you the freedom of your own personal grid.

    Sleep easier knowing that your dependable Iron Edison batteries are there to carry the load. The nickel Iron solar battery provides the longest life cycle of any solar battery.

    Whether you’re installing a new solar battery system or improving an existing system, Iron Edison has your optimal battery solution.

    Service Before the Sale

    All of our batteries come complete with support that starts before the sale and extends through the life of your batteries. We will research your current system to make sure it’s compatible with your new batteries before you buy. We won’t sell you what you don’t need.

    We love your questions: Call us today at 720-432-6433.

    Lead Acid Hassles

    If you use lead-acid batteries, you have a failure-prone energy storage system. It’s a maintenance nightmare and far from perfect. With these acid-based batteries, simply charging and discharging causes significant chemical degradation.  This process is known as sulphation and electrical capacity deteriorates rapidly towards the end of a lead acid battery’s useful life.

    When lead acid cells start to fail, the entire battery must be replaced.  Lead acid failure can occur  in only five to seven years. That could be as many as six complete battery replacements during the life of your solar power system.

    The Search For A Better Battery

    More than a century ago, after thousands of experiments, Thomas Edison found a battery design that he considered to be nearly perfect. Edison’s winning recipe used iron oxide and nickel hydrate, without the corrosive acid-based electrolyte used in lead acid batteries. The result was the long-life Nickel-Iron-Alkaline cell.

    Today, Iron Edison is proud to offer an updated version of this incredible design that is specifically manufactured for Renewable Energy systems. Nickel Iron batteries are a drop-in replacement for old lead-acid batteries. Simply replace your old, failing lead-acid batteries with the new Iron Edison- brand Nickel Iron battery for solar power systems and say goodbye to lead-acid hassles forever.

    The long life, chemical resilience and non-deteriorating design of the Iron Edison-built Nickel Iron battery is perfect for both new systems and upgrading existing systems.

    Nickel Iron is longest lasting battery, and the last battery you’ll need to buy.

    Exclusive Battery Tests

    Iron Edison is the only company to have tested Nickel Iron battery at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO. Our test confirmed that the cells overperform at the 5, 10 and 20-hour discharge rates. Check your lead acid ratings, as most batteries are rated at the 20 or 100-hour discharge rate.

    Our cells provide 100% of Amp hour and Watt hour capacity when discharged in 5 hours. When discharged over 20 hours (the lead acid standard), our batteries provide up to 118% of their rated capacity. This means you are getting almost 20% more capacity in every cell. There are absolutely no lead acid batteries can that stand up to this level of performance – especially when you look at capacity over time.


    The industrial-series Nickel Iron batteries are imported from one of the largest battery factories in the world, located in Sichuan province of Western China. Our production facility has been building batteries since 1971, and is known for producing the highest quality batteries available.

    Our renewable systems have components from all over the world. The battery racks are from Italy, the breakers are from South Africa. The breaker boxes and battery cables are Made in the USA. We strongly support American businesses whenever possible.

    After thorough testing and with scores of happy customers, we proudly stand behind our brand-new batteries with a 10 year warranty. Learn more about what our customers are saying here:

    Complete Energy Storage System

    Iron Edison can also supply all needed solar, inverter and generator components and provide complete system design. Call with your questions: 720-432-6433.

    Safe and Dependable

    Iron Edison’s Nickel Iron battery’s non-acid chemistry provides superior chemical stability. As Thomas A. Edison discovered, they are extremely reliable batteries with a very long life. They thrive when charged and discharged every day.

    To maintain a Nickel Iron battery, they require water every six to eight weeks, and an electrolyte refresh every eight to ten years to keep capacity. They do have some hydrogen off-gassing and so require a ventilated area. They are ideal for off-grid applications where they stay healthy in a constant-charging environment that would be destructive to other battery types.


    The Iron Edison Nickel Iron Battery is designed to be fully compatible with industry leading inverters and charge controllers like Schneider, Outback, Magnum, MidNite Solar and SMA, all available directly from Iron Edison. Iron Edison batteries comes in industry standard 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt configurations making them direct replacements for lead acid batteries.

    Support Included With Every System

    The Iron Edison team brings expertise in systems design, battery engineering, solar power, inverters, sales, installation, environmental policy and technical support.

    “Our philosophy is education-based. We are very knowledgeable; we know what works and what is compatible. We would rather sell you something that meets your needs, and we will research compatibility with whatever you already have." – Timna, Design Team Manager

    We’re happy to answer questions about operation and optimization. Some of our customers want to participate in installation, monitor their systems, tweak settings, and are very hands-on. We support that.” – Rhodes, Tech Support Manager

    Long Life, Long Warranty

    Supporting a daily 80 percent depth of discharge, Iron Edison Nickel Iron Batteries should last 30 years or more, and come with a 10 year warranty.

    Additional product data


    Never worry about changing your solar battery again. Iron Edison’s Nickel Iron battery is rated for at least 11,000 cycles with daily use. That’s 30 years of loyal service.


    Daily deep discharging has no impact on battery cycle life, allowing for more usable capacity. You’ll never have to worry about accidental over-discharge damaging your battery bank.


    Available in 12, 24, and 48 Volt configurations, Iron Edison batteries are compatible with all major brands of inverters.


    Nickel Iron is tolerant of over-charge, over-discharge, and below freezing temperatures. The alkaline electrolyte acts as a metal preservative, leading to years of uninterruptible performance.


    Every Nickel Iron battery comes with a 10-year performance guarantee, along with lifetime technical support.


    Chemical System: Nickel Iron (NiFe)

    Battery Type: Rechargable Deep Cycle, Flooded with Alkaline Electrolyte

    Electrolyte Chemistry: Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) And Lithium Hydroxide (LiOH)

    Electrolyte Refresh Rate: Suggested every 7-10 years to sustain maximum performance

    Terminal Poles, Cell-To-Cell Busbars: Nickel-Plated Steel, Tinned Copper

    Cell Container: Translucent, Corrosion-Free Polypropylene or ABS Engineering Plastic

    Vents: Flame-Arresting Flip-Top Vents

    Nominal Voltage: 1.2 Volts (per cell)

    Charging Voltage: 1.65 Volts (per cell)

    Efficiency: 80%

    Cycle Life: 11,000 Cycles At 80% Depth of Discharge

    Float Life / Shelf Life: 30 Years / 85 Years

    Optimum Charge & Discharge Current: C/4

    Minimum Charging Current: C/20

    Maximum Continuous Charging Current: C/2

    Maximum Pulsed Charging Current: 1C

    Maximum Discharge Current: C/2

    Self-Discharge Rate: 1% per day

    Operating Temperature: -30⁰ C To +60⁰ C (-22⁰ F To +140⁰ F)

    Warranty: 10 years pro-rated

    Technical Support: Unlimited for life of battery


    • Metal Busbars and Plastic Busbar Covers

    • Flip Top Vent Plugs

    • Terminal Wrench

    • Vent Wrench

    • Hydrometer

    • Thermometer

    • Rubber Gloves, Apron, & Safety Glasses


    • Alpha Passoni Battery Rack

    • Philadelphia Scientific Watering System

    • Zephyr Vent Fan


    starting from $1,093.00

    The Last Battery you’ll Ever Buy.

    Over a century ago, Thomas Edison found a battery design that he considered to be nearly perfect. Today, Iron Edison is proud to offer an updated version of this incredible design that is specifically manufactured for Renewable Energy systems.

    An Iron Edison Nickel-Iron Battery
    • Refillable alkaline electrolyte
    • Large storage capacity (up to 48 kWh)
    • Full depth of discharge
    • 12, 24 and 48 Volt applications
    • Nearly indestructible

    Iron Edison now offers a full line of solar panels, charge controllers, inverters and more!

    For more information on the advantages of Iron Edison batteries and on our company, check out our About page. Technical specifications and operating procedures can be found in our Reference Library.

    A brighter future, off the grid.

    A brighter future. Off the grid. Iron Edison battery systems can be used for 12, 24 and 48 volt applications. We can also help you optimize battery capacity to take better advantage of the solar, wind and other hardware you may already have in place.

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