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Battery & PV Racking / MT Solar Top of Pole Mount for Solar Panel [60-cell]

MT Solar Top of Pole Mount for Solar Panel [60-cell]

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    MT Solar Top of Pole Mount

    Ease of Installation – Build it on the ground. Back in the day, we assembled our racking system and solar panels on saw horses and then hired a crane to set it on the top of the pole.  When we couldn’t get a crane to the site, we would erect scaffolding and hang precariously off all corners to install our arrays 15 ft above ground.  So, when we designed the MT Solar pole mount, we made sure to engineer a system that could be installed and wired from the ground.

    Standardization – Custom Order, Standard Design. These days, solar panels mostly come in standard sizes, and therefore our MT Solar pole mounts are made with standard parts.  It allows Dealers and Distributors to stock them in their warehouses.  It allows installers and customers to change their design from 60 cell panels to 72 cell panels, or from 10 panels to 12.  Not a big deal!

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    Brandon and Maggie believe in energy independence and for the past 10 years they have helped thousands of people achieve their goal of powering their homes with batteries and solar. We love working everyday with our customers and we hope you decide to choose Iron Edison for your battery and solar needs.

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