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    MidNite Solar MNPV Combiners with Disconnect Switch

    The MidNite Disco line of PV combiners with disconnects are made to meet NEC requirements. The disconnect handle is bright red for visibility and can be locked in the off position. Several models can be configured for bi-polar or non-isolated inverters where both the positive and negative legs of the array need circuit protection. Models are available for 150 VDC, 300 VDC, or 600 VDC arrays. All of the combiners are made from powder-coated aluminum for long life in harsh conditions. A clear see-through dead front is supplied with all Disco combiners. Models are available with either NEMA 3R or NEMA 4X ratings. Many of these come with a shunt-trip disconnect and when supplied with the PSB circuit board, are compatible with the MidNite Rapid-Shutdown system to meet NEC 2014 requirements. Breaker versions do not include breakers. HV versions come with fuse holders except for the MNPV4HV Disco 3R Basic which needs fuse holders added.

    The MidNite DLTL disconnect combiners have both dual-string fusing and dual-channel output. These work for inverters with ungrounded conductors and dual-MPPT input channels which are becoming common. Both the positive and negative legs are fused, and the fuse holders are included. They are also available with the Rapid-Shutdown PSB circuit board installed.

    The MidNite SOB disconnect boxes, are  not actually combiners but are used to transition from array to conduit wiring with an array disconnect. They have either two or four poles, so can disconnect dual channel output, either one or two strings. These work for inverters with grounded or ungrounded conductors and dual-MPPT input channels. The MNSOB boxes with suffix “-75A” are rated at 75A per pole for use with combined circuits. They are also available with the Rapid-Shutdown PSB circuit board installed.
    The MidNite MNPV6-DISCO AC MIC is a basic disconnecting combiner for up to three 120/240 VAC micro-inverter circuits. The disconnect handle is bright red for visibility and can be locked in the off position. Made form powder-coated aluminum for long life in any environment. Add two pole AC DIN mount breakers from page 176. Add one two-pole breaker for each micro-inverter circuit, up to three circuits.

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