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Batteries / Mastervolt MLI Ultra 24V 5000 Lithium Iron Battery

Mastervolt MLI Ultra 24V 5000 Lithium Iron Battery

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    Mastervolt MLI 24/500 Lithium Battery 24V 5,000 W

    The MLi Ultra 12/2500, MLi Ultra 12/5000 and MLi Ultra 12/5000 are part of the Mastervolt MLi Ultra series of Lithium Ion batteries.

    These batteries are equipped with an integrated cell management system which features:

     Cell balancing

     Battery voltage monitoring

     Battery current monitoring

     Pre warning when battery is almost empty (communication by means of MasterBus)

     Battery temperature monitoring (integrated temperature sensor)

     Communication with other MasterBus devices like chargers and alternators

    The Mastervolt Li-ion battery consists of a pack of battery cells. As with all kind of batteries, there is always some kind of unbalance present between the individual cells.

    During charging of an unbalanced battery pack, one or more cells will reach the maximum state of charge before the other the cells.

    During discharge the cells that are not fully charged will be depleted prior to the other cells, causing early undervoltage shutdown of the pack.

    Normally spoken, these early charge and discharge limits reduce the usable capacity of the battery and will shorten the expected lifetime of the pack.

    But to avoid this kind of premature failure, the Mastervolt Li-ion battery is provided with a Cell Management System. With this system, each cell is conditioned individually.


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