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Batteries / Mastervolt MLI Ultra 12V 5000 Lithium Iron Battery

Mastervolt MLI Ultra 12V 5000 Lithium Iron Battery

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    MLI Ultra 12/5000 12V 5,000 Watt Lithium Battery

     Lithium Ion batteries have a high energy density, offering savings of up to 70% in volume and weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. They are perfect for cyclic applications, making over 2000 cycles with very deep (80%) discharges, effectively storing 5 times as much energy over its lifespan compared to lead-acid. The Mastervolt MLI Ultra range is top of the line. It offers large capacity batteries designed for extreme duty cycling, with all possible features such as Battery Management System (BMS) and MasterBus communication

    The MLI series is designed to be able to enjoy all the best properties of Lithium Ion technology in the harshest conditions (high charge/discharge currents, flooded environment, mechanical shock or vibrations). To do this, the MLI batteries bring two things on top of Lithium-iron phosphate cells: a sturdy, waterproof housing and the best Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS ensures optimal use of each individual cell, even during fast charge and discharge, and has integrated battery monitoring to always have the best information on the state of your battery. Last but not least, it has MasterBus/CAN communication to the Mastervolt battery charger to ensure the best possible recharging and lifetime of the battery. 

    Safest Lithium Ion technology available The term Lithium Ion encompasses multiple chemistries, having slightly different compositions of materials. These differences result in variations of energy and power density, lifespan, cost and safety. As safety is our primary concern, Mastervolt chooses to use only the safest available Lithium Ion chemistry, Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4).

    Suitable for large battery banks The MLI Ultra batteries are ideal for electric and hybrid applications, and can be connected in parallel unlimited. The built-in common-rail technology offers an easy series connection of multiple batteries.

    Superior performance Mastervolt Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) batteries have a realistic lifespan of over 2000 cycles at a depth of discharge (DOD) of 80%. This means five times more energy storage than lead acid batteries thanks to features such as extremely high efficiency, the almost complete absence of self discharge and the minimal build-up of the infamous ‘memory effect’.

    Easy installation The elegant design of the MLI Ultra in the characteristic Mastervolt colours includes two integrated handles with a recess for the correct and practical installation of the cables. The battery poles are easily accessible and completely protected, so no extra isolation covers are needed. The MLS batteries make a great ‘drop-in replacement’ for a system with lead-acid batteries, because no system changes or additional components are required.

    Safe operation The Mastervolt MLI Ultra battery is equipped with an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) with active cell balancing and communication through MasterBus. Even in the harshest cycling conditions this guarantees efficient and safe operation of the battery. The MLS batteries come with an integrated automatic safety switch. Safety always comes first.

    MLI Ultra Lithium Ion Series

    Top performance, heavy duty Lithium Ion batteries

    • Ideal for running heavy loads for long periods and short charge times

    • Saves up to 70% in space and weight

    • Three times the lifespan of traditional batteries (2000 cycles)

    • High cycle efficiency • Fast charging up to half an hour

    • High discharge rate up to 3C

    • MasterBus communication with every Mastervolt battery charger

    • Integrated Battery Management System (BMS)

    • Integrated battery monitoring (Ah consumed, state of charge)

    • Series connection up to 10 batteries possible

    • Waterproof electronics cabinet

    • LiFePO4 chemistry

    • Tested and certified according to UN38.3

    • Two year warranty


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