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Mastervolt Masterbus USB Interface

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    MasterBus – USB interface

    Communication interface between your PC and the MasterBus network. Product 77030100

    MasterBus is a fully decentralized data network for communication between the different Mastervolt system devices. It is a CAN-bus based communication network which has proven itself as a reliable bus-system in automotive applications.

    MasterBus is used as power management system for all connected devices, such as the inverter, battery charger, generator and many more.

    This gives the possibility for communication between the connected devices, for instance to start the generator when the batteries are low.

    MasterBus reduces complexity of electrical systems by using UTP patch cables. All system components are simply chained together. Therefore each device is equipped with two MasterBus data ports.

    When two or more devices are connected to each other through these data ports, they form a local data network, called the MasterBus.

    The results are a reduction of material costs as only a few electrical cables are needed and less installation time.

    For central monitoring and control of the connected devices Mastervolt offers a wide range of panels which show full status information of your electrical system at a glance and a push of a button.

    Four different panels are available, from the small Mastervision compatible 120 x 65mm LCD screen up to the full colour MasterView System panel.

    All monitoring panels can be used for monitoring, control and configuration of all connected MasterBus equipment.

    New devices can be added to the existing network in a very easy way by just extending the network.

    This gives the MasterBus network a high degree of flexibility for extended system configuration, not only today, but in the future as well! Mastervolt also offers several interfaces, making even non-MasterBus devices suitable to operate in the MasterBus network

    For direct communication between the MasterBus network and a product which is not from Mastervolt, the Modbus interface is recommended.


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