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Mastervolt DC Distribution 500

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    The DC Distribution 500A is a busbar connecting battery, inverter, charger, solar and DC loads, includes fuses and digital monitoring. It enables you to connect up to 4 different DC devices safely. The internal fuses are monitored and their state can be accessed via the MasterBus communication platform.

    The DC Distribution features three different menus:

    • a monitoring menu which shows the state (OK or Alarm in one or more fuses);

    • a configuration menu to enter DC Distribution settings;

    • an alarm menu which shows what fuse has possibly blown.

    A read out device is necessary for showing the information. For example:

    • MasterView Classic

    • MasterView Easy (our recommendation, this is a color touchscreen system controller)

    • MasterAdjust PC software (via USB interface)

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