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Inverters / Magnum GT500 Grid Tied Micro Inverter

Magnum GT500 Grid Tied Micro Inverter

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    Storage-ready microinverter optimized to work seamlessly with Magnum battery-based inverters. Ideal for AC-coupled systems and enhancing battery life.

    The Magnum Energy MicroGT 500 Microinverter from Sensata Technologies is optimized to communicate with a Magnum battery-based inverter, allowing the addition of battery storage at any time. The dual module, MPPT MicroGT is engineered for easy installation, with a daisy-chain design and no trunk cable required.

    Supports two modules per inverter, reducing installation labor time. y Can accommodate PV modules up to 365W; ideal for modules up to 310W.

    Each microinverter has two MPPT, allowing for individual MPPT on each panel.

    Module-level electronics mitigates shading issues and increases system output and reliability.

    Connect up to 14 solar modules in a single branch (string), using just seven MicroGT 500 Microinverters with a 20A breaker, for up to 3500W of solar per branch.

    Ready for install in your area: UL1741 and NEC690.12 compliant.

    Storage-ready: Optimized to regulate AC coupled Magnum battery-based inverters, increasing battery life.


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