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Magnum ME-GT500 Microinverter

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    Magnum Energy Microinverter

    The ME-GT500 micro-inverter connects to two common 60-cell or 72-cell modules each and converts the output to 120/240 VAC current for grid tie use. The inverter has the AC cabling built in so there is no separate trunk cable to buy or install. There are two sets of MC4 type connectors for the two solar modules. The output from each module is up to 250 Watts, so up to 310 Watt modules can be used with minimal limiting of the expected power. Each solar module input feeds a separate MPPT channel for optimum power production. Peak efficiency is 95.5% (Unofficial CEC rating is 95%). Rated at NEMA 6 and for -40F to 149F (-40C to 65C) temperatures. The GT500 is listed to UL1741, CSA C22.2 No.107.1-01. These meet all rapid shutdown requirements with the loss of AC power to the circuits. Limited 25 year warranty.

    Up to 7 GT500 inverters can be connected per string to form an AC circuit with 20A circuit breaker. Multiple AC circuits can be paralleled for more power. The ME-MGT-AC-F AC termination cable is used at one end of each string of inverters to connect to the output in a transition box. The ME-MGT-ENDCAP-F is used to cap the unused connector of the last inverter in a string. The ME-MGT-AC-EXT is a 6 foot long jumper cable with connectors on each end to allow greater spacing between two inverters.

    The ME-MGT-MW MagwebGT is the gateway and communication unit for the Micro GT inverters. It plugs into a 120 VAC outlet near the system and reads the data from the inverters. One connection from the MagwebGT is made to the owners router via an Ethernet cable supplied. Indoor NEMA 1, listed to IEC 60950-1, EN60950-1, IEC 60529, ANSI/UL 60950-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No.60950-1

    These micro-inverters have been optimized to communicate with the Magnum MS-PAE off grid inverters to form a functional AC coupled grid tied system with battery backup. The ME-MGT-ADAPTER allows communication between the MagwebGT and a Magnum MS-PAE series battery inverter. Frequency shift in the MS-PAE inverter will cause the GT micro-inverters to reduce power output to prevent battery overcharge during a power outage. An AC coupled system is limited to eight GT500 inverters per MS-4448-PAE inverter.


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