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What makes Iron Edison different is that our batteries are designed for solar PV and renewable energy applications under critical and harsh circumstances.

The Iron Edison battery can withstand deep discharge, wide temperature variations, mechanical and electrical abuses and still shows excellent and reliable performance over a long period of time

At Iron Edison, we will never recommend a battery that is not right for your application and budget.  Call us today at 720-432-6433 for a free battery consultation.

Battery Comparison

What Battery is Right for You?

Nickel Iron

  • 11,000 cycles @ 80% DOD (30+ Years)
  • Off-grid solar and energy preparedness
  • Extremely wide temperature range -22 to 140 F
  • Great for cold climates, freezing temperatures never cause cell damage
  • Charge rates between C/2 and C/6
  • Requires regular cell watering
  • Electrolyte refresh recommended every 10 years
  • Price: $$$

Lithium Iron

  • 8,000 Cycles @ 80% DOD (20+ Years)
  • Grid Backup, Grid Zero, Off-Grid, UPS, Telecom
  • Wide temperature range 32 F to 150 F
  • Charging in cold temps can lead to battery damage
  • Charge rates between C/1 and C/20
  • No battery maintenance
  • Lightweight and hangs on the wall
  • Price: $$

Lead Acid

  • 2,000 Cycles @ 50% DOD (5-7) years
  • Off-Grid, Grid-tied, Grid Zero, UPS, Telecom
  • Temperature range of 32 F to 120F
  • A discharged battery can freeze at 32 F, causing damage
  • Charge Rates between C/5 and C/20
  • Flooded lead acid requires battery maintenance
  • Sealed lead acid, Gel and AGM requires no maintenance
  • Price: $

The History of Nickel Iron

Thomas Edison and the Nickel Iron Battery has paved the way for newer battery technologies in the last decade. One of the safest and most popular battery chemistries today is the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. The RE-Volt Battery by Iron Edison uses LiFePO4 chemistry, is easy to install, maintenance free, and lasts 20+ years.

The Future: Lithium Iron

RE-Volt™ Lithium Battery

In the late 1970s, a team of global scientists began developing what would become the lithium-ion battery, a type of rechargeable battery that would eventually power everything from portable electronics to electric vehicles, and homes. The Lithium battery was far superior to other battery types, like the lead acid, due to its long life and efficiency. The average lead-acid battery lasts only five years years, while a Lithium Battery, like the RE-Volt, can last 15-20 years.  

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries - Why are they better?

1. Safety:

LiFePO4 is more chemically stable, and it is incombustible, which means that it is not prone to thermal runaway (and remains cool at room temperature). It can also withstand high temperatures without decomposing, and it is not flammable.

2. Sustainable:

LiFePO4 batteries have a longer cycle life, plus they are rechargeable allowing you to keep using a LiFePO4 battery over and over again. LiFePO4 is a nontoxic material and doesn’t give off dangerous or hazardous fumes, which makes it safe for you and the environment.

3. Long Lasting:

A Lithium LiFePO4 battery has a longer and better life cycle, ranging in the thousands (8,000), if kept at 80% Depth of Discharge or above.

4. Efficiency:

A Lithium LiFePO4 battery has a much higher charging rate, it charges quicker than other batteries, and charging it is effortless.  It also requires zero maintenance, which means you’ll experience minimal downtime and maximum productivity when you use Lithium LiFePO4 RE-Volt Battery.

5. Performance:

Lithium LiFePO4 batteries have an optimal energy density in both volume and weight and have good specific energy, which means the battery can give the necessary power when needed.

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