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Nickel Iron (NiFe) Lithium Iron (LiFePO4)

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Complete Systems / 2) Edison Power Plus System [12V 300Ah battery, 1.2kW solar]

 2) Edison Power Plus System [12V 300Ah battery, 1.2kW solar]

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    Included Components  
    Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) Battery - Battery Voltage: 12 Volt (10 cells @ 1.2 V ea.); Amp Hours Capacity: 300 Ah
    4 300 Watt Hanwha Q.Peak-G4.1 Solar Panels
    Solar Ground Mounting System - Size: 1-4 Panels
    Magnum MagnaSine Series Inverter/Charger - Model: MS2812 120v
    Magnum Remote Control Panel (ME-RC, ME-ARC, ME-RTR) - Model: ARC50
    Magnum MMP Mini Power Panel - Amps: 250A DC, 60Ax1 AC
    Magnum Back Plate - Size: Mini Panel
    MidNite Classic MPPT Charge Controller - The MidNite Classic 150
    MidNite Solar Lightning Arrestor and Surge Protection Device (SPD) - Volts: 0-300 Volts DC
    MidNite Solar Combiner Box - MNPV3
    2 Circuit Breaker-DIN Mount-150VDC (MidNite Solar)s - Amps: 15
    Circuit Breaker-DIN Mount-150VDC (MidNite Solar) - Amps: 100
    Circuit Breaker-DIN Mount-150VDC (MidNite Solar) - Amps: 30
    2 Solar PV Array Cables - Feet: 50 (MC4 Connector)
    Solar Panel Cable Tool
    Battery Vent Fan - Volts: 12 Volt
    2 Battery Cable - 4/0 AWG (up to 260 amps) with Lugs - Feet: 12
    Total Retail: $10,034.06
    Package Savings: $1,147.59


    Edison Power Plus System

    It's important to understand how each part of this system works together.  We help make your installation easier by providing advice and support every step of the way.

    Solar - This system can now produce up to 5.7 kWh of solar power each day, or 171 kWh per month  

    Battery - The 300 Ah 12 Volt battery can store a total of 3600 Watt hrs or 3.6 kWh of energy.

    Inverter - We include a 2,800 Watt continuous output Pure Sine Wave 120VAC inverter by Magnum Energy.  

    Charge Controller - The charge controller is perfectly sized to handle the 1,200 Watts of solar included with this package.  This super-efficient charge controller is compatible with any 12, 24, or 48V battery.

    Ground Mount - Snap n Rack brand ground mount for solar array.  Top-of-pole mount and Roof Mount s also available.  


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    A brighter future, off the grid.

    A brighter future. Off the grid. Iron Edison battery systems can be used for 12, 24 and 48 volt applications. We can also help you optimize battery capacity to take better advantage of the solar, wind and other hardware you may already have in place.

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