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Batteries / Deka Unigy II AGM Lead Acid Battery System

Deka Unigy II AGM Lead Acid Battery System

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    Deka UNIGY AGM Lead Acid Battery System

    The Deka Unigy II line features a wide range of capacities to fit the requirements of renewable energy applications. These batteries are well-suited for float applications with an occasional deep discharge, such as battery backup for grid-connected systems. These are rated for 1,800 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. These are rated for a 20 year life in backup use. The maximum continuous charge rate for these is 15% of the capacity at the 20-hour rate. The front safety shield easily clips on and off without tools for quick assembly. The modules are coated with acid-resistant paint, and each module has mounting holes for a grounding option. They come with flame retardant polyethylene cases.
    The non-interlock modules require front and rear access bolts for mounting. The standard two-piece base enables anchors to be drilled and installed with base in place. 
    The non-interlock version is certified to UBC 97 Zone 2B Top of Building up to eight modules high. Made in USA.

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