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Advantages of Lithium-ion Batteries

Unlike lead acid batteries, it is considered practical to regularly use 90% of the nominal capacity of a lithium battery bank, and occasionally more. Consider a 100 A hour battery - if it were lead acid it could only be used 30 to 50 A hour capacity, but with the LFP lithium you could take 90 A hour or even 100 A hour (100% DoD or depth of discharge) .

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Iron Edison releases NEW Lithium Battery Line, 4LiFe

Iron Edison is proud to introduce its NEWEST lithium battery for solar, the 4LiFe Lithium Ion Battery. The 4LiFe Lithium Battery can be used as a direct replacement for lead acid batteries. The 4LiFe Battery is designed to simplify battery installation with it's plug-and-play design. The 4LiFe battery can add battery to an existing solar installation, and can be used for a new off-grid or grid-tied solar system coupled with energy storage.

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