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Solar Energy: A Guide to Understanding Solar Power


Solar energy is a clean energy alternative, which generates electricity by converting the energy found in sunlight. Solar energy also helps the environment by preventing the generation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

How does photovoltaic solar energy work?

When the sun hits the solar panels, it converts the photons (light particles) into electrons of the direct current ("DC"). Once the electrons are converted, they flow out of the solar panel and into an inverter and then be used in your home. The inverter converts that power "DC" (commonly used in batteries and in general 12 volts) into current or power "AC" or 110 volts alternating.

Systems Connected to the Network

Most homes and suburban businesses are connected to the electricity grid, which uses alternating electricity (AC). However, the electricity generated by the solar panels is direct current (DC), which means that the solar systems connected to the grid or grid need an inverter to transform electricity from direct current to alternating current. Homes and businesses with solar photovoltaic systems use solar energy before acquiring electricity from the grid, they also send the excess energy to the grid and provide the power, as long as it is necessary.

Where Does the Surplus of Energy Go?

The energy that is not used is fed back into the network. It is possible for you to earn money by selling the power back to the local electricity company. Call and learn how you can become a positive net customer.

Independent, Off-Network "Off-Grid"

An Off-Grid system consists of taking the electricity from direct current generated by the solar panels and the power supply of direct current in a regulator. From there, the regulator controls the amount in which the deep cycle batteries are charged. 12 volt appliances can be run directly from the batteries or the current can be routed through an inverter that converts it into usable 110 or 240 volt AC electricity, which is suitable for the operation of standard home appliances.


Iron Edison only uses licensed and insured Contractors for all installations of solar systems.

Solar Systems For Your Home

Not only it is a solar energy system with a financial investment that can significantly reduce electricity bills, solar energy systems will add value to your home or business and is a very attractive asset for prospective buyers. The installation of a solar energy system is also a perfect way to meet increasingly stringent building standards.


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