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Load Shave System Setup

Load Shave - When ENABLED, allows you to use the BATTERIES to support your loads, therefore limiting your dependence on the UTILITY.

Load Shave Amps (AC value) - This value is the maximum current you can draw from the UTILITY. 

Example - Load is 10 Amps, Load Shave Amps is set to 6 Amps. Therefore the remaining 4 Amps will come via your batteries.

It does not mean that you will never buy any power from the grid if you set Load Shave Amps to 0 Amps, The inverter will always draw approximatly 1A from the grid to maintain a buffer. This is to prevent sell-to-grid, when sell is not selected.

Load shave only happens when Battery voltage is below Grid Support Volts

In the XW+ inverter,  the Load Shave uses the following rules:
If the batteries reach Recharge Volts + 0.5V , the inverter will go into AC Pass Thru
If the batteries reach LBCO + 1V , the inverter will start a new charge cycle (**CHARGER must be enabled)

During Load Shave, the Recharge Volt Function is not applicable

For continuous Load Shave, ensure Load Shave Start = Load Shave Stop

Setting up your system for load shave can significantly reduce demand charges.  We can size the system that is just right for you.  Please give us a quick call at 720-432-6433 or send your project details to


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