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Schneider Conext XW Gateway Online Solar, Battery, Energy Monitoring

Schneider Conext Gateway


Schneider Gateway Insight 2 Device List

The new Gateway is much more intuitive

Individual devices, click from dashboard, easier to use this list of devices compared to the older Conext Combox.  

Gateway has onboard storage, no SD card needed.

Events log, config screen, diagnostics, firmware settings are all neatly organized.  

XW+ Pro inverter should go with the Gateway, not the Combox.  UL1741 California compliant with Rule 21.  

Gateway California Rule 21 Settings

Insight Portal 2 has many new site analysis tools.  Compare site to site, amazing graphing and monitoring of solar charge controllers, inverters, battery, grid and generator.

The Insight 2 allows you to update system paramaters, using advanced security protocols.  

Update firmware remotely, check device status, reprogram any device in your system.  

Power Flow, Battery Summary, Battery Comparison, Energy and more!


Schneider Gateway Online Solar Monitoring


Schneider Gateway Advanced Settings Inverter


Schneider Gateway Insight Data