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Add batteries to your grid tied solar system with AC coupling

We get calls from customers all the time asking if they can add a battery to their grid-tied solar system.  The good news is... YES, you can!  So next time the power goes out, you will not be stuck sitting in the dark.  The way to keep your grid-tied solar system working is with an AC coupled battery system.

AC Coupling adds a battery to your current grid-tied solar system.  This is nice because you do not have to get rid of your old equipment and start over. We can size the battery large or small to fit your specific needs.  With a smaller battery you can cover your critical loads for hours or days.  With a larger battery you can power most of your house for an extended time.

AC Coupled systems require a critical loads panel, a battery-based inverter, and a battery. When the grid goes out, the inverter can sense this, and turns off any power that would be sent back to the grid.  It then uses solar and battery to power the critical loads panel in the home.

The grid-tied solar inverter would normally shut down when the grid is out. The battery-based inverter mimics the grid by sending signals to the grid-tie inverter to make it think the grid is still up. This allows the solar panels to continue working.

At Iron Edison Battery, we like to recommend  Schneider, Magnum, or Outback Inverters for AC Coupled systems.

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