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Battery & PV Racking / Alpha Passoni Battery Rack for INDUSTRIAL SERIES Battery

 Alpha Passoni Battery Rack for INDUSTRIAL SERIES Battery

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    Why use a battery rack?

    It's important to keep your Iron Edison battery straight and level.  As the cells warm and cool, the plastic shell expands and contracts.  If the cells are not aligned properly, there is pressure on the corners of the cells, causing them to crack and potentially fail.  Placing a long row of cells on the ground is not recommended.

    Custom fit to your project

    We can help you design the perfect battery rack for your project.  Every project is unique, please give us a call to discuss your size and height requirements.

    Alpha Passoni rack features

    These racks have been designed for all types of stationary battery models.

    Racks are completely alkaline resistant, and will hold up for decades of use

    Installation is fast and easy.

    Designs are flexible, and can fit in many spaces.  

    The racks are available anytime, parts are always in stock.

    The racks can be totally assembled and disassembled by using screws and plates—the main parts are stringers and supports.

    Shipping - These racks are very heavy and ship as freight, so shipping fees are higher for this product.

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