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/ 7.6kW RE-Volt™ Inverter

7.6kW RE-Volt™ Inverter

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    This is a multifunctional energy system, combining functions of AC/DC inverter, high voltage solar charge controller with AC inputs for grid and generator. Achieve uninterruptible power in UPS mode. You can sell excess power to the grid - or not - at the push of a button. You can prioritize grid vs. generator to support backed up loads. Program exactly when to buy or sell power to the utility.

    This revolutionary inverter can operate in harmony with the grid, using the utility as a backup power source and as battery charger. The RE-Volt inverter includes a modern color touchscreen display that actually recognizes your touch.  Off-grid, the RE-Volt inverter really shines.  Multiple inputs for AC and DC give you the flexibility to use what you already own then add more power as needed.   Built-in automatic generator start with transfer switch control, DC inputs for wind turbines, solar input up to 600 Volts per string, two separate internal solar charging channels to maximize production from two disparate arrays. Want more?  OK. Included clamp-on current sensors customize AC output priority, RS485 and CANBus lithium battery communications, operates in 120/240 or 3 Phase 208, Peak Load Shave operating mode, and solar ARC Fault detection. Welcome to the energy revolution.  


    • 120/240V Pure sine wave inverter with DC and AC battery chargers.  

    • Expandable and Flexible.  Compatible with solar, wind, generators, grid, transfer switches and more.

    • Self-consumption, Off-Grid and Sell-to-grid operating modes.

    • Prioritizes energy flow to and from solar, wind, battery, generator and grid.

    • Highly configurable modes of operation: Off-grid, Grid Support, Sell, Peak Load Shave, Current Sensor priority and UPS.

    • Fully programmable battery charging, voltage, current, temp compensation, time of use, external BMS control.  

    • Color Touchscreen with graphing, logging and programming on the highly responsive LCD screen.

    • Compatible with AC power from the grid and/or from a backup generator.

    • Internal current sensors prevent excess power flowing back to the grid.

    • Smart battery charger for optimized battery cycle life and performance.


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