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Complete Systems / 5 kWh RE-Volt Complete System

5 kWh RE-Volt Complete System

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    Included Components  
    RE-Voltâ„¢ Lithium Battery - Capacity: 5.12 kWh
    5kW RE-Voltâ„¢ Inverter
    8 325 Watt Hanwha Q.Peak Duo Solar Panels
    Solar Roof Mounting System - Snap-N-Rack Ultra Rail - # of Panels: 5-8 Panels
    MidNite Solar Combiner Box - MNPV 6
    MidNite Solar Lightning Arrestor and Surge Protection Device (SPD) - Volts: 0-600 Volts DC
    Solar PV Array Cable - Feet: 50 (MC4 Connector)
    Fuse-Midget 600v - Amps: 15
    Fuse Holder-DIN Mount-600V
    Total Retail: $13,149.06
    Package Savings: $1,043.32


    This package features the Brand New Iron Edison RE-Volt™ 5kW Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, a 2.6 KW solar array, and the brand new Iron Edison RE-Volt Inverter/ MPPT Charge Controller,

    This is the perfect system for either an off-grid OR grid-tied system with battery backup.

    Battery – The 5kW RE-Volt battery is a Lithium Iron Phospate battery (the safest chemistry of lithium).  This battery is light, hangs on the wall, gives a lot of power, and lasts 20 years!

    Inverter/Charge Controller – The Brand new RE-Volt Inverter/Charge Controller is the perfect addition to the RE-Volt battery.  This inverter can do 120/240 volt AC pure sine wave output for your sensitive modern electronics.  The unit also includes an MPPT charge controller.  All you need to do is plug in your solar, generator, battery, and grid, and you are ready to go!

    Solar – a 2.6 kW PV array gives you great versatility in harvesting the sun’s energy.

    Support – Iron Edison provides FREE Phone Support to assist with the installation and commissioning of this system, as well as any post commissioning questions!

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    Iron Edison is owned and operated by Brandon and Maggie Williams. They have three children, and live and work in Colorado.

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