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Complete Systems / 71.6 kWh AC Coupled Schneider XW+ Solar + Lithium Storage System

71.6 kWh AC Coupled Schneider XW+ Solar + Lithium Storage System

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    Included Components  
    7 RE-Volt™ Lithium Batteries - Capacity: 10.24 kWh
    MidNite BCB Battery Combiner Box BCB 1000
    60 315 Watt REC TwinPeak2 Solar Panels
    Solar Roof Mounting System - Snap-N-Rack Ultra Rail - # of Panels: 58-66 Panels
    60 Enphase IQ Microinverters - Model: IQ6PLUS-72-2-US
    60 Enphase IQ Microinverter Cables - Size: Landscape 60-Cell Q-Cable (per panel)
    Enphase IQ Envoy Gateway
    3 Schneider Conext XW+ and XW+ Pro Multi-Mode Inverters - Model: XW+6848
    Schneider XW+ Power Distribution Panel (PDP) - Model: XW+ PDP
    2 Schneider XW+ PDP Connection Kit for 2nd/3rd XW+ Inverters
    2 Schneider XW+ PDP Breaker Kit for 2nd/3rd Inverter-120/240 VACs
    Schneider Conext System Control Panel (SCP)
    Schneider Gateway System Monitor
    Schneider Conext Battery Monitor
    6 Battery Cable - 4/0 AWG (up to 260 amps) with Lugs - Feet: 8
    7 Battery Cable - 2/0 AWG (up to 195 amps)s - Size: 2 ft
    7 Battery Cable - 2/0 AWG (up to 195 amps)s - Size: 2 ft
    Total Retail: $107,411.57
    Package Savings: $7,040.92


    71.6 kWh Schneider XW+ Solar + Lithium Storage System

    A 48 volt 1,400Ah Iron Edison Lithium Iron battery bank with 71.6 kWh, 19.0 kW AC coupled roof mounted solar array, the 20 KW of the industry leading Schneider 120/240 VAC multi-mode inverter and accessories provide a flexible and low maintenance solution!

    This versatile system is great for a large size off grid residence. It’s also a perfect match for a larger grid connected residence looking to offset their electric bill, provide battery backup, peak load shaving or to avoid high Time Of Use electric rates.

    Battery – The Iron Edison Lithium Iron battery bank is a compact and maintenance free solution. The 48v 1,400Ah size has 71.68 kWh of total capacity, and 58 kWh of usable capacity for 20 years. Lithium Iron batteries are a sealed, maintenance free battery solution, but they do require an indoor conditioned space.

    Inverter – This tripple 6.8 kW Schneider XW+ Multi-Mode inverter has a 20 KW of 120/240 volt AC pure sine wave output for your sensitive modern electronics. There’s also separate AC connections for the grid AND a backup generator to supplement the battery and/or solar. This inverter supports net metering, peak load shaving and time of use (TOU), making it one of the most versatile inverters available today. Additional inverters can be added if more inverting capacity is needed.

    Solar – a 19.0 kW roof mounted AC coupled PV array gives you great versatility in harvesting the sun’s energy with minimal shading impact. You can expect 60-80 kWh of solar production on a typical sunny day in most parts of the continental US; sufficient to recharge this battery under normal use. Additional solar can easily be added to this system at any time if needed.

    Accessories – This complete system includes a power panel, all the combiner boxes, DC circuit breakers and specialty wiring needed to install this system. Excluded items include standard wiring.

    Support – Iron Edison provides FREE Phone Support to assist with the installation and commissioning of this system, as well as any post commissioning questions!

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