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Batteries / Three [3] Megawatt Hour Battery 1.5 Megawatt Inverter

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Three [3] Megawatt Hour Battery 1.5 Megawatt Inverter

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    3 Megawatt Hour Energy Storage Battery with 1.5 Megawatt Inverter

    Nominal System Specifications: 4.6 MWh • 1.46 MW battery and 1.50 MW Inverter  

    INCLUDES Onsite support for bring-up/testing/site commissioning

    INCLUDES wire harnesses, cables, disconnects, overcurrent protection

    INCLUDES containers, HVAC, fire suppression, racks, power cables, inverters

    INCLUDES engineering for container solution and site battery controller 

    Battery Control Panel to aggregate control and data of all 20 stacks

    BMS Operator Interface touchscreen

    Installed and tested up to DC bus out

    Per Stack: •34 A123 LFP modules; 8s4p •1  Stack Switchgear •17  Cell Interfaces  •3 Industrial Racks •Power cabling •BMS wire harnesses for voltage and temperature measurements

    Per Container: •Standard 40ft container •10 Battery stacks •Fire suppression •HVAC •Manual disconnect switch

    System Total:   4.6 MWh • 1.46 MW battery and 1.50 MW Inverter  


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    Brandon and Maggie believe in energy independence and for the past 10 years they have helped thousands of people achieve their goal of powering their homes with batteries and solar. We love working everyday with our customers and we hope you decide to choose Iron Edison for your battery and solar needs.

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