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Solar Panels / 280 Watt Lumos LSX Solar Array

280 Watt Lumos LSX Solar Array

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    LSX is the revolutionary frameless solar module design that has bridged the gap between architecture and energy!

    What is the LSX Module System? The award-winning LSX Module System is composed of the LSX Frameless Solar Module and LSX Rail. The elegance of the design is that the system is not only faster and easier to install than conventional modules, but the results add additional value due to the superior aesthetics.

    Where can the LSX Module System be integrated?

    • Awnings
    • Canopies
    • Carports
    • Roof Mounted
    • Building Integrated PV (BIPV) & Custom Designs
    • SolarScapes

    Key Design Features:

    • Frameless & Low Profile - The low profile of LSX frameless modules sets them apart from any other module on the market.
    • 6mm Thick Glass - By achieving Class 4 Hail Rating the LSX module is the most impact resistant in the industry
    • Through Bolt Mounting Method - Securely mount LSX through the module glass to maintain the aesthetically pleasing low-profile appearance. Each LSX is individually mounted, expediting maintenance.
    • Integrated Rail System - Ensures proper module alignment every time and LSX Rail can be fastened to virtually any structure with minimal sub-components.
    • Integrated Wireway - The built-in LSX Rail wireway allows for easy wire management without compromising aesthetics.
    • Weatherproofing - The only module system in the industry that can be sealed with minimal hassle.

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    A brighter future. Off the grid. Iron Edison battery systems can be used for 12, 24 and 48 volt applications. We can also help you optimize battery capacity to take better advantage of the solar, wind and other hardware you may already have in place.

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