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Batteries / High Voltage 179 kWh Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Battery with integrated BMS and external System Control enclosure

High Voltage 179 kWh Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Battery with integrated BMS and external System Control enclosure

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    179 kWh High Voltage DC Lithium Iron Battery System with integrated BMS (battery management system)  

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    Battery type:   Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4

    Battery Voltage:

    • Max: 584 Volts (3.65V per cell)
    • Nominal: 512 Volts (3.2V per cell)
    • Min:   432 Volts (2.7V per cell)

    Battery capacity:  

    350 Ah, 512V = 179 kWh total capacity

    Project Schedule:

    • Weeks 1-8, Battery in Production
    • Weeks 9-12, Battery in Transit
    • Weeks 13-14, Battery installation and wiring
    • Weeks 14-16, Battery software integration

    Maximum charge rate:  C/2 continuous = 100 kW (to optimize battery management system’s ability to balance charge)

    Maximum discharge rate:  1C continuous = 175 kW

    Parts Included:  Battery, Rack, Interconnect cables, Battery Management System

    Communication:  SunSpec Alliance Protocol, Modbus TCP/IP BMS integration, CANBus BMS integration

    Iron Edison High Voltage Lithium Battery Specifications:

    Rated voltage 512V

    Rated capacity 350Ah

    Rated battery capacity 179 kWh

    Available at 90% DOD 161.1 kWh 

    Maximum continuous charging rate 1C

    Maximum continuous discharging rate 1C

    Maximum pulse discharge rate (for 10 seconds) 2C

    Numbers of battery modules 

    Depth of discharge DOD 90%

    Operating temperature range Charge 10℃~50℃ Discharge -20℃~60℃

    Storage temperature range <1 month -10~50℃ <3 months -10~35℃ <1 year -10~25℃

    Looking for a custom battery solution?  Give us a call.  720.432.6433.  We are based in Denver,  CO (mountain time zone).

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