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Batteries / BATTERY Outback NanoCarbon AGM lead acid battery

BATTERY Outback NanoCarbon AGM lead acid battery

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    OutBack Power Nano-Carbon Batteries

    Maintenance-free batteries from Outback Power 

    OutBack Power's new EnergyCell Nano-Carbon AGM maintenance-free batteries have carbon on the negative plate to prevent battery sulfation. This allows for prolonged use at partial state of charge (PSoC) and opportunistic charging applications such as off-grid, generator-supported, Grid-Zero, energy arbitrage, and load shifting due to net-metering limitations.

    Cycle life is increased up to 44% in partial state-of-charge use [i.e. solar system]. A full charge is only needed once per month to once per quarter.

    Outback NanoCarbon batteries for solar have a particularly long life when cycled between 30% and 80% state of charge. Round-trip energy efficiency is as high as 95% in partial soc cycles.  

    The standard cycle life of theOutback NanoCarbon battery is 1,800 cycles at 50% depth of discharge [daily]. The 12 Volt 106Amp hour NanoCarbon battery AND the 12V 200Ah NanoCarbon batteries have a 2-year full replacement warranty. 

     The Model 12V 200 has a 100hr discharge rating of 200Ah (this is real slow discharge), and a real-world 20hr rating of 178Ah.

    Let's explore how much energy is stored inside this Outback battery:  

    178Ah at 20hr rate = 178Ah X 12V = 2.14 kWh per 12V battery. 

    2 batteries in series = 178Ah x 12V = 4.28 kWh per 12V battery

    4 batteries in series = 178Ah x 48V = 8.56 kWh per 48V battery.  

    To build more capacity, connect multiple strings of batteries together in parallel.  3 is the max recommended parallel configuration with lead acid batteries.  

    1 string of 4 batteries = 8.5 kWh at 48V

    2 parallel strings of 4 batteries = 17 kWh at 48V

    3 parallel strings of 4 batteries = 26 kWh at 48V


    We can help recommend the battery to fit your specific backup power needs. 

    How long each battery lasts is 100% dependent on how many watts you consume.  Consider your baseline load of 200-500 Watts in an average residence.  In a long-term outage, conserve more and the battery will last much longer.  Low-draw houses can consume 30-45 watts of baseline load with standard appliances plugged in all the time.  Air conditioners consume about 1,200 Watts or 1.2 kWh per hour.  LED lights consume 20 watts, or 0.02kWh per hour.  

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